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The characteristics of rivet nuts are introduced

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The characteristics of rivet nuts are introduced

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The characteristics of rivet nuts are introduced

Stainless steel plate rivet nut is used for sheet metal or cabinet body of a fastener products, its shape is round, the end of the nut has embossed teeth and guide groove. Now the market. Most of the use of carbon steel galvanized rivet nuts, and stainless steel rivet nuts are used for higher requirements for corrosion protection.

In use, rivet nuts only need a small amount of rivet equipment, can be quickly installed. The stainless steel rivet nuts produced by Hongrui Hardware company are of high cost performance, good quality and fast delivery. Stainless steel rivet nuts, carbon steel rivet nuts, galvanized rivet nuts are available from stock. Can lock after pressure riveting nut riveting principle, because the product need to be riveted have a small cylinder at the end of the end face, the face down about 30 to 45 degrees Angle, the downward is zigzag embossing groove, pressure riveting nut to be included in the guide hole, the pressure from above, let a Angle of cylindrical transverse and vertical ridges, and sheet metal occlusal together to form a fixed screw thread. In a long time of pressure rivet nut manufacturing and technical research, although the principle of fastening installation, method has been determined, but the installation of pressure rivet nut also need to rely on special riveting installation equipment, which is to ensure that pressure rivet nut in the use of normal work of an indispensable condition.

The characteristics of rivet nuts are introduced

Although the equipment for installing rivet nuts is not necessarily exclusive to the product manufacturer, Hongrui Hardware will provide users with relevant instructions for installing rivet nuts, so as to facilitate customers to install them in time.

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