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What are the classifications of pressure riveting studs?

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What are the classifications of pressure riveting studs?

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What are the classifications of pressure riveting studs? Come together with Hong Rui hardware to learn.

Pressure riveting stud, also known as pressure riveting female stud or nut column, is mainly used in sheet metal, thin plate, chassis, cabinet of a fastener, pressure riveting stud shape one end is hexagonal, the other end is cylindrical, hexagonal edge and cylindrical middle with a back slot, its inner shape for internal thread, Through the press to press the hex head into sheet of preset hole (preset hole aperture slightly smaller than general pressure riveting screw cylinder diameter) of the plastic deformation around the hole, part of deformation is within the relief groove into pressure riveting nut column, make the pressure riveting screw rivet on the sheet, as to form the effective fixed on the sheet of internal thread.

Pressure riveting screw

Pressure riveting stud according to common specifications are generally divided into two kinds, one is through hole pressure riveting stud, the other is blind hole pressure riveting stud, the difference between the two is that the hole in the stud is not through, is through the word, is through the hole, not through the word is blind hole. This mainly depends on how the customer is used, mainly depends on the performance and requirements of the product accessories to decide. One thing to note is that if the stud is too long, the through-hole is generally not easy to pass and not easy to produce. So a little longer stud using blind hole pressure riveting stud more. Carbon steel, medium carbon steel and stainless steel are used for the production of pressure riveting studs. The rivet nut columns made of carbon steel or medium carbon steel should be heat treated and surface galvanized or nickel plated.

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