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self- clinching nuts What are the manufacturers quality requirements?

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self- clinching nuts What are the manufacturers quality requirements?

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  self- clinching nuts What are the manufacturer's quality requirements?


Our rivet nut market is growing, but there are a variety of manufacturers in the market due to this demand. Quality is good and bad, quality rivet nut manufacturers need to achieve what standards, to understand it. Rivet nuts must be particularly complete in the direction of the manufacturer's qualification, because only in these directions are there no problems, the factory can provide a high quality product, the manufacturer's quality must conform to the production basis. It is not difficult to purchase rivet nuts manufacturers, the difficulty is to choose cost-effective rivet nuts, so looking for reliable manufacturers is particularly key. It can be said that only by ensuring the normal pressure of the self- clinching nutsmanufacturer can the pressure quality of the self- clinching nuts be better guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing pressure rivet nut, we first look at which pressure rivet nut manufacturer is trustworthy. If possible, can carry out field investigation, clear each direction, do a good job of after-sales service. In particular, you can go to the production site and, of course, they also want to know about the after-sales service. We should not only pay attention to the search of self- clinching nutsmanufacturers, but also pay attention to the riveting nut itself, and understand its price. No matter which one you choose, it's hard to consider whether the price will exceed the standard. Like everything else, the cost of riveted nuts is reduced by most problems, all of which make it possible to find a lower price from within.

The Rivet nut Industry Association recently proposed a simple method to obtain small deformation ultrafine grains. Martensitic structural steel is made from austenitic stainless steel wet batch cold rolled coarse metal plate. The average grain size of ultrafine ferrite was obtained by annealing grain size and dispersion of nano carbide. The yield strength of stainless steel rivet nut exceeds the traditional measurement method. Micromechanism of superfine grain Formation: Cold rolling alters the thickness of martensitic stainless steel, which is necessary for the manufacture of riveted nuts with superfine grain structure. self- clinching nuts are easy to deform during annealing, while martensitic stainless steel nuts can obtain superfine grains under small deformation conditions.

The results show that the large Angle grain boundary structure is surrounded by the domain size of martensitic self- clinching nuts, which increases the constraint of plastic deformation, increases the inhomogeneity of deformation, promotes grain splitting, and the temperature deformation of ferritic self- clinching nuts is close to that of steel. During the deformation process, the energy of austenite self- clinching nuts is increased, but its stability is not decreased, which leads to phase transformation. In the rolling process of low carbon steel rivet nut, it is found that the grain size of ordinary steel rivet nut is not easily controlled by multi-pass deformation, that is, deformation induced ferrite transformation, grain refinement is the result of deformation induced transformation and dynamic recrystallization of ferrite. It is emphasized that deformation occurs during deformation, not during cooling after deformation, and the stress can form ultrafine ferrite grains. According to the academic thought, the phase transformation caused by natural causes is due to the increase of free energy and nucleation point. Therefore, in addition to the accumulation of free energy of deformation of rivet nut, various deformation factors, such as strain rate, deformation temperature and deformation, will affect the phase transformation process. Deformation induced ferrite transformation is called deformation induced ferrite transformation. The grain size of ferritic grain of carbon steel rivet nut decreases to less than that of austenite, and the deformation transformation occurs in the low temperature zone of austenite rivet nut without recrystallization.

self- clinching nuts

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